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Mediation is a voluntary process under which you work with a mediator to try to find a mutually acceptable resolution to a conflict. The mediator is a neutral party and will not render a decision or tell you how to resolve your conflict.  Rather, the mediator will help you examine the situation and explore a number of options for resolving the conflict.  Mediation can be used by businesses or individuals to resolve any type of conflict.

Havens & Associates, LLC are highly skilled and experienced in the mediation process.  With the assistance of Havens & Associates, LLC,  you can take out the costs and uncertainty of litigation by coming to a resolution that is acceptable to both sides.  Additionally, Havens & Associates, LLC can help you explore options that may not be available through a court proceeding.  

Havens & Associates, LLC can act as a mediator or if you have selected a mediator and are looking for an attorney to assist you with the mediation process, Havens & Associates, LLC can assist you.  

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