Havens & Associates, LLC will skillfully guide you through the complicated and stressful process of selling your business.  Havens & Associates, LLC will ensure that you are protected from any unforseen liabilities and problems.

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The wealth of experience at Havens  & Associates, LLC allow us to effectively represent businesses in a broad range of complex matters.

Free Initial Telephone Consultation

Havens & Associates, LLC will carefully examine the business that you plan to start or that you have started and will advise you on the type of business formation (corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or other type of entity) that will best suit your needs.  Havens & Associates, LLC will then prepare and file the documents necessary to properly establish your business.

On an ongoing basis, Havens & Associates, LLC will review your corporate documents and advise you in order to ensure that you are complying with all necessary statutes and regulations. Havens & Associates, LLC will assist you in preparing those annual documents and forms that are necessary to ensure that your business is in proper form to ensure that you, as a business owner, do not have personal exposure for the liabilities of your business.

Business Formation

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Business Maintenance

Contact us to discuss your business needs.  We will gladly set up a time to meet and discuss in detail your business and how Havens & Associates, LLC can help you to ensure that all of your legal needs are met and you are protected.

Havens & Associates, LLC will review the contracts being used by your business to ensure that they are protecting your business.  As it is necessary to review a contract, Havens & Assocates, LLC will review the contract and provide you with advice on any changes that it believes are in your best interests.  If you need, Havens & Associates, LLC will prepare a contract to protect your business.  These may include employment agreements, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, leases and other agreements that your business may need.

Havens & Associates, LLC will skillfully guide you through the complicated process of acquiring another buisness or merging your business with that of another business.  Havens & Associates, LLC will protect you from any potential liabilities or unforseen complications related to the acquisition or merger.

Contract Review and Drafting

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